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May 8, 2018 | Couples

This sunset couple session in Indiana was such a sweet time with Zach and Emma. I met Emma when I was a junior in college and she was an incoming freshman. She was friends with a group of people that my boyfriend hung out with, and I distinctly remember her welcoming me into their friend group like we had known each other for years. I was immediately drawn to her sweet and intentional personality. She was constantly asking about how things were going with my life and wanted to get to know me on a personal level. If any of you were to get to know Emma, you would find out pretty quickly that she is super easy to talk to and can very quickly make any conversation go to a deeper level. This year especially, Emma and I have become close friends, so naturally, when she brought up meeting this guy named Zach, I was pretty critical. Emma is the sweetest and I was convinced no one would be good enough to date her! However, after meeting Zach, I have to say I was very wrong! Zach is an upstanding guy, and he loves Emma so incredibly well. And that is coming from someone with high standards! (My man is pretty amazing šŸ˜‰ )

About a week ago, Emma posted a picture on her Instagram story of her riding a quad through this field of gorgeous purple flowers! I immediately texted her and asked where this field was and how I could get there to do a shoot and WHAT WERE THESE GORGEOUS FLOWERS?! (If you havenā€™t figured out that I am obsessed with flowers, you will soon enough.) She responded with the unfortunate news that they were actually weeds. You can decide for yourself if these look like flowers or weeds, but my vote is and always will be for the flowers.

Becka Roth is an adventurousĀ traveling wedding and intimateĀ elopement photographer based in Indianapolis, Indiana, but travels worldwide. She lives for exploring new places, sweet intimate moments, and unposed, candid images with the adventurers and the love birds. Her style is natural, raw, and authentic. She believes in living life to the fullest, singing too loud, and most importantly:Ā capturing genuine moments that naturally occur between two people in love.


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Iā€™m a mid-west based wedding and elopement photographer, a worship leader, and a lover of anything outdoors. Iā€™m obsessed with all plants, I’m always up for a cup of good quality coffee, and in love with a jazz musician. You bring the smiles, Iā€™ll bring the tunes! If you are an adventurous, free-spirited couple, wanting to capture the natural candids of life when you are in love, you just made a new best friend!!

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