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Kyle and Bri are some of my dearest friends, and their dreamy sunset session at St. Joe’s beach was so special and SO much fun! It was a good thing they brought a change of clothes because they fell in the water within the first five minutes! HA! I felt so blessed to be able to photograph such close friends! Kyle and my boyfriend Aaron grew up together in Crystal Lake, so I have known Kyle and his family for about three years.

About 2 years ago, I noticed this girl named Bri constantly around wherever Kyle was. I could tell she was head over heels for Kyle, but he was absolutely oblivious! After some time went by, he started to notice this amazing woman and FINALLY realized that he was supposed to be with her! They were married this summer and Aaron and I had the honor of standing up in their wedding!

This shoot was taken just a couple months into their marriage, and it was so beautiful to see their love for each other. Sometimes as a photographer, I feel a little bit like I get to step into a moment that should only be shared between the two people in the relationship. I get to see a bit more of their intimate relationship than they would allow a normal person to see.

There was one moment in particular… My breath caught in my throat. and my eyes welled.⠀
All I could think was, “Thank You, Jesus.

To be a photographer is such a gift.

When you look at my work, you naturally see the product of my time with “clients.”But what I want you to see are glimpses of intimate relationships, captured in real time with real people who I love dearly.⠀
My “clients” will never stay “clients.” Moments like these are moments I should only get to experience as a friend, and that is all I ever intend or want to be.

Becka Roth is an adventurous traveling wedding and intimate elopement photographer based in Indianapolis, Indiana, but travels worldwide. She lives for exploring new places, sweet intimate moments, and unposed, candid images with the adventurers and the love birds. Her style is natural, raw, and authentic. She believes in living life to the fullest, singing too loud, and most importantly: capturing genuine moments that naturally occur between two people in love.


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I’m a mid-west based wedding and elopement photographer, a worship leader, and a lover of anything outdoors. I’m obsessed with all plants, I’m always up for a cup of good quality coffee, and in love with a jazz musician. You bring the smiles, I’ll bring the tunes! If you are an adventurous, free-spirited couple, wanting to capture the natural candids of life when you are in love, you just made a new best friend!!

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