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But first, can we be real a sec?

Trust me, you’re gonna want to read all of this…

If you are just looking for a girl with a fancy camera to take a few pics during your wedding day, we may not be the best fit.  If you are browsing around looking for photographers that have the cheapest price, I might not be your girl. And that’s okay because you deserve exactly what will fit your wants and needs for your big day, but, I want to be more than just a vendor at your wedding with a camera. I want to be your friend that you squeal and jump up and down with because it’s finally your wedding day.

To me, photography is more than just something to check off on your wedding day checklist. It is a way to document your first big adventure together. You may not realize this now, but after all your flowers are dried and your dress is tucked away, images from your wedding day are some of the only things left over from your big day. They are the only thing that will increase in value over time.

I want to create, dig deeper, and get to know you personally so that together we can create beautiful images that will last a lifetime. Images that show who you truly are, ones that share YOUR story. I promise to bring some good tunes, and make a fool of myself. I’ll do anything to make you laugh, and I swear I won’t make you pose like Barbie dolls. Even if you come in saying, “I feel so weird in front of a camera!”, by the end you won’t even notice me taking pictures of you two because you will be so blown away by the fact that you get to marry this amazing person in front of you.

If you like to jam out to good tunes, love to adventure, don’t mind being goofy, can’t wait to breathe in that fresh outdoor air, love to laugh and have fun, we’ll be friends in no time.

But you have got to be okay with me capturing all the messy and beautiful in between moments. The ones where your dress may be a little dirty and your hair a little crazy but the looks on your faces show pure JOY. And don’t worry, you’ll still get shots of all the details and all the family pictures. But I want to serve you by giving you something you will go back to time and time again. Images that transport you right back to the feelings you had the moment it was captured.

If you are considering me to capture your story, whatever it may be, I want you to know that I don’t take that lightly. Take a look at my About Me page where I explain my style and approach to photography.

Please also make sure to check out my Travel Schedule to see where in the world I’ll be before you inquire about booking!

Thanks for reading and hearing my heart.

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